Our hospital is a pioneer in Spain to implement the referral system and we are proud to hold a leading role in the volume of cases referred by colleagues. Communication with the referring vet is imperative to our care system, more so as we do not make home visits, and the aftercare of our patients once discharged from our hospital, is to be continued by the referral colleagues

We also provide WhatsApp connection service (24/7, 365 days a year) which allows us to provide real-time information to our consulting vets about their patient's developments and attend queries and contributions from our professional colleagues. We encourage referring vets to consult us whenever they feel we could be of help to them.  Sometimes, a telephone conversation, WhatsApp query or email could resolve a case and save the life of a patient, diminish suffering or speed up recovery. If these communications include good quality photographic, clinical images or diagnostic data, our possibility of being able to help is greatly increased. Periodically, we hold CPD courses for veterinarians.

Second Opinions

We also act as second opinion vets when appropriate. Horse owners seeking a second opinion should approach their horse’s vet at the same time as they contact us. For ethical reasons, and in best interests of the horse, we will always contact the primary treating vet to discuss the case.

There are times where our clients may wish to seek a second opinion and we are more than happy to arrange for another vet to do this for you. Similarly, should you wish for a second opinion or referral to another practice then please contact reception so that we may organise transfer of clinical history and relevant diagnostic images.