Hospital de Referencia la Equina

Senior Vets


Miguel Valdés

After his studies finished at Cordoba University, Miguel followed the specialty of equine surgery in the USA. He took an internship and residency position in Louisiana State University and obtained the title of North American Specialist in this field (ACVS), and the European Diploma (ECVS), also in equine surgery. He is one of the most reputable surgeons in Spain, with special interest in sports horses. He directs the hospital's I&D department and his passions are his family and competing as a veteran in show jumping competitions.

LV, MS Dipl ECVS, ACVS (Surgery)
Surgery, Sports medicine and I+D


Maya Caparrós

Maya obtained her veterinarian degree at the Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona (UAB) and followed her studies with 5 years in the U.K. working as an equine vet. She has special interests in anaesthetics, ophthalmology and cardiology. She is the practice manager and her passions are her daughters, her animals and competing in shows with her family.

LV and Practice Manager.
Anaesthesia, Ophtalmology & Cardiology.


Joana Ramos

Joana graduated from the University of Oporto (Portugal) in 2013 and has since completed 2 internships (general medicine and equine surgery) in our Hospital and in the Veterinary Faculty of the University of Gante (Belgium). She returned to our hospital in 2015 and covers sports medicine, internal medicine, and anaesthetics. She is presently completing the Equine Lameness Diagnosis and Therapeutics Certificate (RCVS – England). Her hobbies are her animals, literature, historic series and medieval fantasy.

Sports medicine, Anaesthetics, and Internal Medicine.


Thaïs Ribera

Thais studied in Barcelona (UAB) and attended several working programmes in USA. She did 3 years work as an ambulatory equine vet, then returned to the University in Barcelona (UAB) and completed an equine surgery clinical residency with Doctoral Thesis PhD, relating to fibrinolytic activity in synovial liquid affecting foals with septic arthritis and horses with degenerative joint pathologies and development. She continued in Barcelona as a surgeon and associate professor for the following 4 years until 2017 when she decided to join us at La Equina. Her other 2 passions are skiing and riding.

LV, Phd
Surgery, Diagnostic Imaging and Sports Medicine

Junior Vets


Ivan Rodriguez

Ivan graduated from the Alfonso X El Sabio University. He assists the senior staff in the diagnosis and treatment of hospital cases. He will soon leave us, and we are sure that he will become a successful equine specialist in his home region of Almeria.


Inés Santos

Ines is a medical veterinarian having studied at the University of Oporto, Portugal. She also assists in diagnosis and veterinary care in clinical cases. She is known for her permanent smile and attention to detail.



Sara Gallego

Sara is well known for her pleasant friendly manner and efficiency. She is fundamental for the smooth running of the Hospital.

Stables assistants


Ioan Topan y Victor Miron

They make our patients feel as if they were at home. They are also responsible for the maintenance of the facilities.

External consultants


Lara Armengou

With a Diploma from ECEIM and a PhD, Lara is the author of many articles in scientific magazines both nationally and internationally. She assists with our internal medicine and neonatal cases.

LV, PhD, Dipl ECEIM (internal medicine))
Internal Medicine Consultant


José María Galafate

Jose Mª has a great knowledge and experience in odontology and equine dentist surgery. He treats all our cases.

LV (Odontology)


Rodrigo Fernández ((Master Farrier).

Rodrigo has a wide experience in specialised orthopaedic shoeing and the use of acrylic materials. Among his regular clients there are members of the national show jumping and dressage teams. He works all over Spain and Europe.