Our hospital is distinguished for our investigative activity in the following fields:

  • Stem Cells studies.Between 2007 and 2012 the ESTEM project has been developing and has led to published articles featuring both human and veterinary papers in leading International media (see link to the article in the 2013 Orthopaedic Research Journal). Together with Dr. Roger Smith, from the Royal Veterinary College, and his team, our investigation group presented our findings in both North America and Europe.   In 2013 the ESTEM II project continued this theme by investigating the improvement of the retention of stem cells after intralesional implantation.
  • We are presently under subcontract by similar Investigation and Pharmaceutical Groups to further develop their I+D.

Can serum amyloid A concentrations aid diagnosis of synovial sepsis?
Publication date 21st Oct, 2017.  Published in: Vet Rec. 2017 Oct 21; 181(16):423-424; j4751; Townsend, TR

Oropharyngeal botryomycosis in a geriatric mare
Date of publication. 27th june, 2017. Published in: Equine Veterinary Education; A. Merchan*, E. Jose-Cunilleras, M. Prades, T. Ribera, J. Viu, M. L; doi: 10.1111/eve .12773

Alternative method to facilitate resolution of paraphimosis after penile trauma in the horse. Case report:
Date of publication 9th mar, 2016.  Published in: Equine Veterinary Education; E. De Brouwer*, T. Ribera, F. Climent and M. Prades. Description of the publication: Use of a 5 l capacity pressure infusion bag to reduce penile oedema in three horses.

Intra-synovial imipenem therapy in 4 horses with severe septic arthritis or tenosynovitis non- responsive to conventional treatment
Date of publication:1st aug,2014.  Description of publication: Journal LAVECC; 6(3) 2014, pp 106-119; T. Ribera*, M. Prades, C. Costa and F. Climent

Does intraoperative low arterial partial pressure of oxygen increase the risk of surgical site infection following emergency exploratory laparotomy in horses?
Date of publication 8 th Feb, 2014.  Description of publication. The Veterinary Journal 200 (2014), 175-180; Cristina Costa-Farré*, Marta Prades, Thaïs Ribera, Oliver Valero, Pilar Taurà

Synovial fluid D-dimer concentration in horses with osteochondritis dissecans and osteoarthritis
Date of publication Jan. 2013.  Description of the publication. COT 2013 Jan 28;26(1):54- 60;DOI: 10.3415/VCOT-11-08-0110; Ribera T*, Monreal L, Delgado MA, Ríos J, Prades M

Synovial D-dimer fluid concentration in foals with septic joint disease
Date of publication july, 2011.  Description de la publication. Vet Intern Med 2011;25:1113- 1117; DOI: 10.1111/j.1939-1676.2011.0758.x; T.Ribera*, L.Monreal, L.Armengou, J.Ríos and M.Prades.

Atlas de ecografia en las extremidades del caballo. (Atlas of Echography in equine limbs).
Date of publication: 1st jan, 2011 Description of the de la publicación Laboratorios Esteve S.A. Esteve Fondo Editorial, 2011; 125 pgs; Marta Prades*, Thaïs Ribera, Laura García.

Modified technique for the repair of third-degree rectovaginal laceration repair in mares
Date of publication. 18th mar,2009.  Published in: The Veterinary Record, 164 (13): 393-396, Mar 2009; DOI: 10.1136/vr.164.13.393; F.Climent*, T.Ribera, D. Argüelles, C.Nomen, M.

Intra Articulation Treatments)
Date published: 2007.  Published in Equinus: Medicina y cirugía equina, ISSN 1578-861X, Nº18, 2º cuatrimestre 2007; Farmacología equina I, Capítulo 4; pp. 50-65, 2007; Thais Ribera, Marta Prades

Diagnosis of soft tissue lesions in femorotibial joints).
Date published: nov 2003.  Published: Laboratorios Calier, Praxis Clin en caballos; Nov (2003), pp *-*.; T.Ribera*, D. Argüelles, M. Prades, F.Climent

Two lameness test findings, including diagnosis using gamma graph.
Date published.  nov 2003.  Published in: Argüelles, D*.; Grau, J.; Ribera, T.; Climent, F. Praxis Clin en caballos. November 2003. Laboratorios Calier. pp. 11-17.

International competition for innovative ideas for Surgical Wound Closure
Date of recognition:2008.  Issuing entity of award: B.Braun Company. Award 4th National prize: Dr. Marta Prades Robles & Thaïs Ribera OUR